Alien AR

Role: Lead Developer - Scary Beasties
Platform: iOS/Android - Unity

Alien AR is an amazingly immersive augmented reality app featuring training missions with the Colonial Marines from across the Alien movie franchise. You are tasked with seven missions. Your objective? Survival!

  • Experience the Alien Chestburster in all its gory detail – and share video footage with your friends
  • Perform a dangerous Alien autopsy
  • Take a selfie with the Alien Queen
  • Examine an Alien Facehugger egg
  • Load and fire a variety of space-age weaponry
  • Defend yourself against a brood of incoming Aliens
  • Pilot a dropship in extreme conditions to save the day
  • New recruits also get the chance to witness ‘on the scene’ movie footage of the marines in action.

Whether it’s the first day of your USCM training, or you’re a hardened marine veteran, Alien: Augmented Reality Survival Manual is vital to shore up your knowledge of the Xenomorph threat, and ensure your prolonged survival as you travel the stars to protect the United Americas Colonies and interests.

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