Disney HTML5 minigames

Role: Lead Developer - Scary Beasties
Platform: Web - HTML5

key Disney Channel brands: Dress Up, Whack-a-Mole, Memory, Catching, Hidden Object and Rhythm Action. The flexible HTML5 set-up allows the client to use the engines in their new Disney Channel compendium app or as bite-sized web content. Each individual game mechanic comes with a comprehensive set of game variables and customisation options, allowing the client to undertake in-house production of fresh content across their portfolio of brands.

Disney Minigames:

  • Alex & co – Brand Practice Play-off
  • Bizaardvark – Going Viral
  • Bunk’d – Rubber-Ring Round-up
  • KC Undercover – Dress for Success
  • Soy Luna – Cool Roller
  • Star vs The Forces of Evil – Dimensional Danger
  • Stuck In The Middle – Movie Madhouse
  • The Lodge – Check-in Time!
  • The Lodge – Note Perfect

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