Mesh Tools

Role: Developer
Platform: Unity Library

Mesh Tools is a Unity library to help easily create 2D meshes from a set of points. This library came out of Rugged Rovers as I needed a way to build various 2D mesh types easily, and has since gone on to be used in SNOMAN, bubble trubble and other projects.

It facilitates the creation of:

  • 2D Polygons
  • Lines
  • Splines
  • Circles - with percentage fill
  • Donuts - with percentage fill

Some basic syntax for creating a 2D Polygon with Mesh Tools:

private void BuildPolygon(List<Vector2> points)
	Mesh2D.Instance.Build(points, HandleShapeBuilt, Color.white);

private void HandleShapeBuilt(Shape shape)
	//shape has been constructed
	//polygon details contained within shape.

For lines, its very similar, but it doesnt have a callback.

private void BuildLine(List<Vector2> points)
	Shape shape = Line2D.Instance.Build(points, LineWidth, Color.white, null);

And for circles, its just the same.

private void BuildCircle(float radius)
	Shape shape = Circle2D.Instance.Build(radius, 20);

All shapes return the Shape class, which help you track, and rebuild your geometry if you need to.

Download Mesh Tools on GitHub