Love Connection

Role: Developer/Artist/Designer - personal
Platform: iOS

Love Connection is a colourful story based puzzle game where you help connect and reunite couples as they search endlessly for their missing love. Love Connection features a drag centric design with unique ‘tilt to pause’ interface elements. Players are tasked with painting paths to connect two coloured blocks together and completing their journey.

Adventure with Yellow block over the course of a year as he searches for his wife, with Yellows story wonderfully narrated to you by Ron Masa over 40 levels.

“Love Connection. is a personable puzzle game that’s fun while it lasts. It has some flaws, true - but isn’t love all about working around those small problems? 7/10” - Pocket Gamer

“The simple but lovely aesthetics and the fact that many of the puzzles have multiple possible solutions make the game suitable for all ages and skill levels.” - Indie Games

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