Story Cards

Role: Developer - Preloaded
Platform: iOS, Android

Story Cards is designed to inspire students to read more books.

The game’s cards feature authors and characters from classic literature featured on the tablet’s ebook reader. As the students consume these books, and demonstrate understanding in them, new cards become available for use in the game. The game is turn based, with each player placing cards into card slots in an attempt to outwit, out-manoeuvre and out-think the opposition. Cards are grouped into five themes – Journey, Love & Friendship, Mystery, Battle and Fall – deliberately chosen to transcend traditional genre categorisation, and engender a deeper curiosity in the cards themselves.

While developing this game, I worked closely with Game Design to help create a deep and strategic card game that has both longevity and scalability. My development role consisted of implementing all screens and VFX as well as assisting multiplayer architecture. I have since gone on to lead product updates for Story Cards.