Role: Developer - Preloaded
Platform: iOS, Android

TyrAnt is an ant-based Real Time Strategy game. It teaches the player how ants eat, communicate and reproduce within a diverse and delicately balanced ecosystem. Players decide how best to develop their colony of ‘Foragers’, who collect valuable food resource, and Soldiers, who defend territory. A documentary-style voiceover and visual treatment adds drama and depth by narrating the story of the colony’s struggle.

As players explore rich and detailed environments they encounter Soldier ants from competing colonies, threatening the player’s chance of reaching the all-important nuptial flight. Genetic mutations see each ant caste become increasingly specialised and every new game starts in a new nest with the next generation of ants. Mastering the game means mastering the true-to-life dynamics of the colony. For example, as ants navigate between leaves, they lay a pheromone trail so other ants travel more efficiently along the same route.

My development role consisted of implementing UI across all screens, implementing the nodal navigation system, AI and camerawork. I have since gone on to lead development of product updates.