Spaced Out

Role: Developer, Game Design, Artist
Platform: Installation

Spaced Out is a mind controlled installation game I created as part of my final year project while attending the University of Wales during 2011.

The game is controlled by a brain wave reading headset as well as a Microsoft Kinect. The resulting data is then posted to Flash where it is then used to control a giraffe who floats through space.

The game focuses on a giraffe with laser eyes who has to defeat the evil david bowie as he holds you hostage in another dimension. The harder you as a plyer concentrate, the more powerful the laser beams are. Combined with the kinect for hand based targeting, and you end up with an experience where you too have mind powers! And just for fun, the headset was hidden inside a large giraffe hat to hide away the technology that makes the experience seem almost magical.

Before settling on Kinect as a secondary input, I prototyped a few other things, including IR LED arrays and even Eye tracking - which you can read more about here.

As well as inputs, I had also rigged up a system of RBG lights that changes colours depending on the players performance in the game. Again, this was possible with an arduino, brilliantly versatile little things they are.

The headset used was originally a Star Wars toy that was taken apart and customised to run through an arduino to get the data. As the project progressed, I ended up buying a neuro sky headset to get more accurate data from the wearer.

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